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Would You Believe This Baked Onion Tastes Like Candy?

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Baked Onion

Indeed, this Baked Onion tastes like Candy.  Growing up I would have gaged over the thought of it, but an Onion baked with Bacon Grease in the oven or on a BBQ is so sweet and delicious.  It just melts in your mouth.  And it’s super easy to make and impressive to serve as an appetizer or side dish.  It’s optimum for a fall or winter dinner party or all year long with meals.  My family has prepared countless bushels of Baked Onions over the years.  They’ve mostly cooked them on the BBQ, but when it’s cold it’s convenient to cook ’em inside.

Onion 008Onion 012Onion 017Onion

They take about an hour to cook without much effort — As pictured above (l-r), trim the ends and skin of an Onion then make a few shallow cuts.  Place it on two layers of foil, then top the Onion with reserved Bacon Grease, Salt and Pepper.  Tent and seal the Onion in the foil and bake at 450° for 1 Hour.  It should then just fall apart in sweetness.  Many times we’ll unwrap and broil the Onion over top for an additional 5+ minutes before serving.  It’s so darn good!