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Calling Out For Better Food At Del Mar Race Track. Next Year Perhaps?

September 6th, 2011 No comments

The season ends tomorrow at Del Mar Race Track.  Since it’s such a beautiful track and I love the Horse Races, I try to go every year, but man their food seems to suck.  What’s up with that?  It certainly doesn’t match the quality of the view, facilities and entertainment.

On a double decker bus approaching Del Mar, a Race Track with an ocean view.

We liked the Bob’s Card guy the best (least obnoxious), but still didn’t buy his picks.

Probably should’ve bought Bob’s Card, since I didn’t win a dime this day — Oh well.

Chef Lexi of Kids in the Kitchen peeking around a New Castle display.

View from our seats before it got crowded.

And now on to the crappy food… Sorry to say it, but we didn’t like any of the fast choices.

The Oggi’s Pizza was the best, but a little too bready.

We also had a bad Hot Dog, bad French Fries and bad Tacos, not pictured.

I had #6 (a long shot) to Place as it was approaching the finish line, but it fell back to 5th. 🙁

Took the Amtrak down to Solana Beach and then jumped on a double decker bus to Del Mar Race Track.  Look for Cathleen (pictured above) on the train.  She’s a crack up and makes a good Bloody Mary.  And hopefully Del Mar will put a little more effort into serving better food next year.  Please.  This is an official request to do so.