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It’s Now Built, But Will YOU Come To The Triangle?

April 16th, 2013 1 comment

Saddle Ranch

Do you know The Triangle (f/k/a Triangle Square) in Costa Mesa?  Yes, it’s called The Triangle now and it’s hoping to attract more guests than there ever was — I hope it does too, since the space has historically underperformed.  I’m not sure why, since parking isn’t that bad.

El Corazon

New Restaurants and Bars are open and due to open this Saturday, April 20th — The Saddle Ranch Chop House and El Corazon de Costa Mesa to name just two.  And I’m most excited to see a coming soon sign for Tavern Bowl.  Things seem to be pointing upward for The Triangle.

The Triangle

I liked the colors of Triangle Square better, but perhaps it’s one of the ways The Triangle is hoping to capture more attention — And one should pay attention, and GO, since it is built and looks to be tasty and fun there.  Be there or you’re a square.  Success is wished to all by us!