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Jaunt To Oregon: Postscripts Of Fuzzy Food Afterthoughts.

August 7th, 2013 No comments

Long Beach Airport

Food wasn’t the focus of the trip, just an afterthought while visiting a friend in Oregon.

Oregon 002

I now love Long Beach Airport — It’s nice and small with several good food options.  I had Hummus and Pita Bread while waiting to board the plane, and a glass of Chardonnay while watching the Food Network during the Jet Blue flight.  A delightful start indeed.

Oregon 036

On land in Albany, Oregon.

Oregon 009

Went to a few places, but nothing knocked my socks off, thus provide a general recap of most.

Oregon 002

Loafers Station is a popular restaurant in Albany — It’s where this lunch is from.

Oregon 003

We had a good cross-section of food… Tacos, a Sandwich and Pizza — Their MENU is here.

Oregon 005

Blackberries seemed to grow freely everywhere.

Oregon 011

I sized up the Culinary Arts Competition at the Linn County Fair.

Oregon 018

It’s much smaller than the OC Fair’s Culinary Arts Competition, but equally fun.

Oregon 023

Also saw Collective Soul, one of my favorite bands playing at the Oregon Fair.

Oregon 003

It was beautiful everywhere in between and around Portland, Albany and OSU.

Oregon 034

My dear friend, Theresa happened to make the best food I had there (above and below).

Oregon 024

Simple and good — Shredded Chicken with Mr. Yoshida’s served on Hawaiian Bread Rolls.

Oregon 030

We took a Pedicab from downtown Corvallis to and from OSU.

Oregon 027

So picturesque everywhere.

Oregon 031

Lunch at Flat Tail Brewing (below).

Oregon 015

The Onion Dip with house made Potato Chips was good, but this one is the best.

Oregon 012

Our Salads were better than good on the other hand, especially The Mash Tun.

Oregon 017

See MENU for more information.

Oregon 019

Moving on to the soon to be filled space below — It’s where Chopped winner, Cody Utzman plans to open Frankie’s Restaurant.  I didn’t see his episode and now want to look for it.

Oregon 002

I like our reflection in the window as we check it out up close — It’s like we’re inside already.

Oregon 011

Oregon is gorgeous!  I barely made the flight back to Long Beach and had to run through the Portland Airport without a minute to spare — It was thankfully Chardonnay time again, whew.

Oregon 046

Where should we eat next time?