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Bright Knives, Big City, Top Chef New York.

Top Chef New York just started, so I thought I’d give some quick first impressions of Opening Night.  I usually look forward to watching Top Chef — It can be an intense competition.  I’d be way too Chicken to compete there and wouldn’t want to get cooked. 

I was reminded how brutal it can be — You’ve gotta be a fast cook, quick thinker, good planner and beautiful presenter.  There’s no room for error.  Although I can make some fabulous food, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and wouldn’t want them mercilessly spotlighted.  I do like and respect all the Judges, but yikes sometimes.  I’d love to try the food with them.  Can I take Ted’s place???

Here’s a few excerpts if you missed it — The Chef Competitors, an Apple peeling and fine dicing contest as an immediate ‘Quick Fire Challenge’ that doesn’t allow one Chef to continue, then a toast to those who made it into the New York high rise apartment, the ‘Elimination Challenge’ and judging with Chef Jean Georges, and then say goodbye to the two Chefs hugging below.  To get the full story visit Bravo.

Sometimes all a dish needs is a little Salt and Pepper — Said by Chef Tom Colicchio this episode and it’s so true.  And I’ll add Freshly Ground Pepper to that mix.  Be sure to stop by after the next episode and I’ll tell you who I like.  Top Chef Season Five is on Wednesday nights at 10:00 on channel 76 here, but you’ll need to check your own listing if not with Time Warner Cable in Orange County, CA.

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