Chicken Kick.

Six Chicken Thighs marinated in ‘Feast from the East Sesame Dressing’, plus two others marinated in the Pasta Connection’s Chimichurri Sauce.  It’s been previously mentioned that Chicken marinated in this sesame dressing is supurb, but wanted to test something different.  This Cimmichuri Sauce has been great on bread, and an awesome marinade for a Pork Loin, so thought I’d try it on Chicken this time.  For the record, I think it toughened the meat a bit, which wasn’t good.  The two weren’t as juicy as the other six.  All were BBQ’d on a propane grill.


The side dish is Saffron Basmati Rice.  Basmati is my favorite Rice, Jasmine is second.  This time it’s cooked with Chicken Broth and Saffron Threads, and then pat with Butter, Salt, and freshly ground Pepper.

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