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Classic What Not To Do: Boiling Lobster And Prematurely Diving In.

You can lead a Lobster Claw to Butter and Lemon, but you can’t make it taste good.   Well, it appears I can’t.  Maybe you can.  Lobster Claws often seem rubbery and too bland to me.  I’d been craving Lobster for some time now and was told it’s on sale at Gelsons.  It was time.

On the way home from work with nothing planned, I decided to treat myself, so I thought.

That all sounds terrific, but I gotta kill it.  Oh crap, I’m having a flashback.  First in ten, don’t do it again — In other words, I bought my first Live Lobster over ten years ago, but had someone else prepare it.  I just couldn’t do it.  And it didn’t help that a friend was holding it up like a puppet saying…”Don’t kill me.”  I now remember it’s not an enjoyable process.

Just Do It — I was fairly prepared to cook it this time, but discovered new issues.

I followed the boiling instructions above, though think steaming Lobster is probably better.

Unfortunately this process did not yield the generous, tender, sweet meat I was hoping for.

This Lobster’s meat was tough, semi-sweet, watery and sparse — Not good.

And then there’s the Lobster Roe in the middle of the tail, which appears to run parallel to the Lobster’s waste/vein/poop, I don’t know.  I removed both before eating the tail meat.  Not fun.  And the worst part is prematurely diving into a cross-section of the Lobster Tail, before discovering the roe-poo — Yuck.  Though some consider it a gourmet treat, I don’t.

After all was cut out, there was hardly any meat — My Lobster naivety is gone, I think?!

I learned a lot, and firmly prefer that a grilled, cleaned, fat Lobster Tail (only) be served to me.

Gelsons will steam the Whole Lobster for you at no extra charge — I was tempted, but had to prepare it (at least once) myself.  Check, done.  It’s not as easy and fruitful as it seems.

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