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Diho Siam, I Am Thai or Chinese.

I’m happy it’s within walking distance, since it’s pretty good.  They serve a Thai and Chinese Menu, which is different.  I usually get the Thai, but will eventually get around to the Chinese.  This visit it was Chicken Satay, Thai Fried Rice with Pork, and Hot & Sour Coconut Soup with Shrimp (Tom Kha, here).  All were right on.

oc-fair-2008-230.JPG     oc-fair-2008-234.JPG     oc-fair-2008-240.JPG

The restaurant is nicely decorated, but this time the food was TO GO.  They have an outdoor patio too, and that’s always great.

      oc-fair-2008-229.JPG          oc-fair-2008-228.JPG          oc-fair-2008-227.JPG

Diho Siam on Yelp – http://www.yelp.com/biz/diho-siam-restaurant-costa-mesa

Restaurant Row INFO – http://www.restaurantrow.com/MoreInfo.cfm?Code=818445&state=CA

OC Register Report – http://events.ocregister.com/costa-mesa-ca/venues/show/118511-diho-siam-restaurant

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