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Great Meatballs in Newport Beach.

Great Meatballs are at the Spaghetti Bender on PCH.  I like to swing by to pick some up, even if it’s out of the way.  The Meat Sauce they are served in tastes homemade with hours of love.  The Meatballs are airy and filling, not dense, nor hard like too many others.  Two large Meatballs come in a side order.  That’s what I got, plus an order of Garlic Bread.

The Meatballs and Sauce are consistently good.  In comparison, the Garlic Bread is just okay.  It’s a little dry and doesn’t really have much of a Garlic flavor, but it’s nice to dip in the Sauce.  Another item worth mentioning here is the Original House Salad, which is different and delicious.  It has capers, avocado, tomatoes, and a few other ingredients I’ll need to report about next time I get it.

As a bonus, there’s a large Rosemary bush out front.  I usually pick a piece on the way out.  It comes in handy sometimes and smells good.  Now what should I use it for this time?


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