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Islands Birthday Burger and Kona Pie.

Thank you for the birthday gift Islands — And what a great gift it was.  I truly LOVE your burgers.  I most often get the Hawaiian Burger, which is what you see here.

These pictures are taken on the patio at the Irvine, California location off Bison.

islands-bread-etc-001.JPG     islands-bread-etc-002.JPG    islands-bread-etc-008.JPG

The Kona Pie is very good too.  I’ve enjoyed it a few times in the past, but this day I was on the run without refrigeration.  The waiter brought it by for a quick photo, but then I gave it to a large party timed for dessert.  That was fun to do — They were excited about it too.  I REALLY wanted to take a bite, but you can’t give it away after that, and I knew I couldn’t finish it all — So I’m glad it went to a bigger cause.


Thank you Islands.  Your birthday gift was generous and pleasing.


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