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It Happened Once In A Blue Moon And We Hope It Happens Again.

Playing “Quarters” probably isn’t the most mature way of handling the receipt of a (12) pack of Blue Moon Belgian White, Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, but it was 4th of July weekend and we were ready to have some fun.  And it appears that I was the only one who hadn’t tried it before.  When I told others (friends, co-workers and family) about the brew, all already knew about it.  They knew (and I now know) that it’s made with Orange Peel and Coriander, then garnished with an Orange Slice.  Where have I been, especially since I seek out everything Orange flavored?!

And no, we really didn’t play Quarters with this tall glass on a leather surface, as they’re not the most ideal conditions for the game, ha.  We just tested it out without success.  After that, we enjoyed the Blue Moon in a semi-mature fashion. 🙂

The consensus is… We hope to have this amazing brew more than once in a Blue Moon.  We’re not standing alone without a dream in our heart.  Okay, that’s enough of the song and word play — It’s time to go get more Beer.  This is a good one!

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