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Parkers’ Lighthouse Garlic Cheese Bread (Copycat) Recipe.


Have you tried the Garlic Cheese Bread at Parkers’ Lighthouse yet?  If you have and love it like I do, here’s a copycat recipe.  Parkers’ Lighthouse is a Waterfront Seafood Restaurant in Long Beach, across the Harbor from The Queen Mary.  Once upon a time I worked there as a waitress while in college (CSULB).  Everyone loved their famous Garlic Cheese Bread and it appears they still do.  With a little help from a former co-worker, I provide this simple recipe that (to me) tastes like Parkers’ Garlic Cheese Bread.  It’s a unique combination that contains no Butter, but it works.  Since I no longer live in Long Beach, this recipe occasionally comes in handy for a nostalgic fix.  What’s pictured here was cooked in the toaster oven, but the Garlic Cheese Bread is terrific broiled in the oven.

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Parkers’ Lighthouse Garlic Cheese Bread (Copycat) Recipe

-Bread (French or Sour Dough Roll, cut in half lengthwise)
-Parmesan Cheese (Fresh Grated, a generous ratio to Mayo)
-Garlic Powder (A generous amount to taste)

Mix all ingredients together and spread liberally on long split rolls.  Broil in the oven until light – golden brown.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Bread.  It doesn’t take long.  I’ve burned way too many pieces in my life, HA.

FYI:  The same Cheese combination and Spinach is used to make Parkers’ Oysters Rockefeller, one of my favorite appetizers there.  If you’re adventurous, give them a try too.  They’re also broiled until golden brown, then served on a bed of Rock Salt.  Enjoy!

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