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Ya Got Any Gum? Norm As David Wants To Know.

misc-003I walked into the office the other day and thought someone had brought in the makings for a Mojito. Wishful thinking I guess.  It smelled like fresh cut Mint, so I asked, “Where’s the Mint?”  Instead it was this Gum.  A co-worker was chewing it.  This Trident Passionberry Twist doesn’t have your typical Mint Gum scent, but one of the live Herb.  I’m not much of a Gum chewer, but had to try a piece.  The Mint scent was a little stronger than the flavor, but I secondly appreciated the Passion Fruit flavor.  It’s GOOD Gum – HA. 

The post title was inspired by an old SNL sketch that used to crack me up.  It’s so dumb that it’s funny.  Below is a very short excerpt of it:  

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