Pom Wonderful is 100% Real (Seed) Juice.


It takes too many Pomegranates, ARILS (seeds), stained fingers and possibly stained clothes to create what Pom Wonderful provides.  I grew up with a large Pomegranate Tree in the neighborhood.  All the kids loved the seeds, but it was a lot of work and a mess to get at them.  My Mom would tell us to open them up outside — Ever since that time, they’ve been a novelty in the supermarkets.  I’ll buy one occasionally, but the same obstacles to enjoyment still exist.


Due to the effort involved in getting at the goods, I was happy to receive a case of Pom Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice in the mail.  I contemplated various recipes I could make with all of it.  Above I made Dried Cherry Scones with a Pomegranate Glaze — The Glaze is a mixture of Powdered Sugar and Pomegranate Juice.  And I’m calling them Pretty in Pink Scones.  I’ll be drizzling the Glaze over the Scones I’m entering in the Culinary Arts Competition during this year’s Orange County Fair.  In the long run this is the only recipe I made from the case, mostly because I couldn’t stop drinking them.  The bottles are so cute too.

misc-019-copyAside from liking the taste, I’m glad to read it’s good for you and grown locally in the sunny San Joaquin Valley.  And 100% Juice is always important to me.  When I ate Pomegranates as a kid, I didn’t know they were good for cardiovascular health and a superior source of antioxidants.  I didn’t care about that then, but I care about it now.  It’s good to find something I like that’s really good for me — I wish I could say that about more things.  Pom Wonderful appears to take pride in its products (literally) from tree to bottle.  Learn more below.  Knowing all these things, its value went up for me.  I need more. 🙂

Pom Wonderful DIRECT:

What’s a Pomegranate?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomegranate

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