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Will There Be A Pearl? Missed The Bus, But Won The Lottery.

Will this post title be tomorrow’s headline?  We didn’t make it to the casino, but won the lottery instead — All is A-okay now.  True?  I don’t know yet.  Uninformed that our bus to PALA Casino was leaving 45 minutes earlier than originally scheduled this morning, when we arrived at the departure point, it was a ghost town of parked cars.  No people.  It felt like the twilight zone.  We were 30 minutes early, checked and re-checked our watches, and re-read the printed calendar again.  What happened?  Where was everyone?

After returning home, we subsequently learned that the organizers called and left a message for us at an old telephone number.  All travelers received the vital information but us.  Terrific.  Could it be a hint?  Probably not, since we’re usually the life of the party. 🙂 Later back at the office instead, I was asked to join a lottery pool — Could it be why we missed our bus?  It’s fun to ponder.  Photos are from a previous trip to PALA’s Buffet, one of the best we’ve found.

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