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Las Fajitas On The Beach Down The Street.

November 2nd, 2008 1 comment

It’s not always easy to have a picnic on the beach — One careless move and the Seagulls are in.  They’ll initially send in one or two to assess the food situation, so you gotta eat on the down low.  DON’T even think about feeding them.  They’ll immediately summons the rest of the gang and it’s all over.  I learned that lesson a long time ago.

However, this time I learned if you drop food, the same thing happens.  I would have guessed that, but today I accidentally dropped a Tortilla Chip and was forced to flee the scene.  Those darn Seagulls can be so rude. 🙂

Newport Beach in November — It’s one of the nice things about California.  The weather is right for a picnic, but the birds are wrong.  It’s like “MINE, MINE, MINE…” from Finding Nemo.  That movie nailed them, HA. 

I attempted to have a Crispy Grilled Chicken Taco from Las Fajitas Mexican Grill nearby.  I think it was good, but unfortunately I had to forfeit much of it.  I did notice that the Salsa was really good and the service was friendly, and it was a beautiful day after the morning rain.

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