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Which Pastrami Sandwich Do You Like Better?

November 9th, 2008 2 comments

Tommy Pastrami’s NY Blackened Pastrami Sandwich (above). 


The Hat’s “World Famous” Pastrami Sandwich (below)?

Both Sandwiches are good yet different from each other.  I liked the look of Tommy Pastrami’s Pastrami.  The meat was lean and athetically pleasing.  The Hat’s Pastrami was fattier, and I most often prefer a leaner meat — However, it’s not all over with that observation.

The Hat’s Pastrami was more flavorful and juicy.  In comparison, Tommy’s Pastrami was unexpectedly bland/dry, but tasted good with Mustard.  Between these two Sandwiches, I may wear The Hat for a while.  Whose Pastrami do you like better?  I know there’s a lot more Pastrami Sandwiches out there, but do you have an opinion on these two?

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