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See’s 8oz Box Of Truffles Happily Revealed.

December 17th, 2008 4 comments

Happy Holidays!  This is a yummy gift and indulgence.  See’s Box of Truffles has great flavors and its price isn’t bad.  I especially like the Pineapple Truffle — It was a tasty surprise.  All flavors are noted and shown below from back to front (L-R), if you can follow along.  It’ll help you decide which one to pick.  🙂

(1) Orange, (2) Cafe’ Hazelnut, (3) Raspberry, (4) Pineapple, (5) Light Chocolate, (6) Dark Chocolate Chip, (7) Key Lime, (8) Lemon, (9) Raspberry, (10) Cafe’ Au Lait, (11) Blueberry, (12) Dark Chocolate.

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