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Continuing An Inexpensive Lunch Tour At Ikea.

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I got all of this at Ikea’s Restaurant & Cafe for $3.99 — It’s Penne Pasta with a combination of Marinara & Alfredo Sauce, Vegetables, Garlic Toast and a Salad.  That’s less than you’d pay at a fast food joint, and a lot more food.  As previously reported, the environment is relaxing and its cafeteria style ordering is fun. 

HOWEVER, although this looks good, it’s kinda bland.  I liked the Garlic Toast and the Salad Bar, but their Ranch Dressing has that tart taste I avoid in some.  Overall, for the price I’d doctor it up with Salt, Pepper, and the Parmesan Cheese they offer with it.  And I’d try a different Salad Dressing.

Ikea’s Salmon:

Ikea’s Meatballs: