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The Best Deal For Me At The Flame Broiler Is…

March 28th, 2009 1 comment


My favorite isn’t The Works Plate, which is pictured here.  The most satisfying combination and best value for me at The Flame Broiler Restaurant is the “Chicken Veggie Bowl” with all White Meat*, easy Rice, Green Onions and 2 small containers of Magic Sauce.  All together it makes up a yummy well rounded lunch or dinner.  It’s the usual, but wanted to try their Beef, and a Plate in lieu of a Bowl.  Plates are roughly $2 more than its Bowl counterpart.

After this visit I learned it’s unnecessary to order a Plate, since the Salad it comes with is minimal and gets warm next to everything else (not a fan of that), and the other difference between a Plate and Bowl is the addition of a half Orange — HOWEVER, the Plate appears to have more meat (exact % unknown), which I’m sure appeals to many.  A fair portion of meat is served with the Bowls and Plates.  After more testing, I’ll be sticken with the White Meat Chicken while still kickin’, and I ain’t dk’in — That’s inappropriate I know, but so, got to go.  Ciao.

* There’s an extra charge for all White Meat Chicken. 🙁

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