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Appetizer: Crostini With Goat Cheese, Asparagus And Yellow Bell Peppers.

September 23rd, 2010 No comments

These quick appetizers were inspired by BusyMOM at the Easy Appetizers blog — They caught my eye as a “Top 9” on Foodbuzz, because they looked so nice.  And since I happened to have all ingredients on hand, I made ’em the same day.  Mine differ in that they aren’t as pretty, Yellow Bell Peppers were added and the Asparagus wasn’t cut lengthwise, since they were too skinny.  Aside from their look, the combination of all (Toasted Crostini, Goat Cheese, Asparagus and Yellow Bell Pepper with Olive Oil and S & P) tasted good.  We’d make them again to hopefully swap the above photo for a better one.  They’re fast, easy and tasty.