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Hear Ye OC Locals, Stay Tuned World: Tickets & More For All In 2012.

December 19th, 2011 No comments

The odds are good for the locals — I know most readers aren’t in the neighborhood, but if you are, the chance of winning (2) Tickets to the OC Fair New Year’s Eve Block Party is 17/1.  To be entered to win them, leave a comment here and/or see our previous report for more ways to enter.  You may enter once a day until Christmas.  Odds subject to change.

You could be toasting with a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog at midnight — Good luck!

Cost Plus World Market Contributions To A Christmas Party.

December 19th, 2011 No comments

A formal THANK YOU to Cost Plus World Market for the lovely prizes and party supplies.

All were pleased by the smart kitchen tools, house decorations and gourmet Chocolates.

Thanks also go to my friends who contributed the appetizing FOOD, even the Jack in the Box Tacos cut in half, disguised as an Appetizer — That’s funny Michelle.  What do you call ’em?  Ironically several were happy to eat them, and it was fast, easy and cheap for her.  So be it.

Always look forward to the Chocolate Dipped Oreos from Loretta — Wish I had some now.

Merci, Gracie, Danke Shoen, Mahalo, Arigato, Gracias y mas Cost Plus World Market.

A wave to you for making this 17th Annual Christmas Par-Tay a success.

I tour the world at CPWM.