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Food Coloring Series: Once A Brownie, Always A Blondie, Now Brown.

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The New Face of Food Coloring is here on Nibbles of Tidbits with a Jelly Belly nose, since we’ve arrived at BROWN — Do you need a drop of color?  It’s a magnificent thing, from the depths of the ocean through the sky.  Our Food Coloring Series started with orange to spotlight links to OC Blogs, then kaleidoscoped into purpleyellow, green, blue, red, white and black.  Without further ado, brown kicks off with a RECIPE for these Puppy Cupcakes.  Awe.

 Continuing with Sherry Mushrooms with Pine Nuts, on my ‘To Cook List’ that’s too long.

Steak Au Poivre by Alton Brown — It has to be good.  Filet makes the brown and red list.

Cookie decorating ideas for any color — Brown and White Bite Size Cookies pictured here.

Beef on Weck — This Sandwich looks so good to me.  I can almost taste it all with the Pickle.

I love Candy Buffets and once set-up a mini buffet with my favorite flavor.

I like the feel of this photo, but is that Canned Bread?  I want to provide credit — Is it yours?

Mounds Brownie — I once was a Brownie, while still a Blondie, and won a ribbon for it too.

Kumato Brown Tomatoes — I think they’re interesting, but I’m more impressed by the blog I found ’em on.  It’s called Eat at Joe’s and it anonymously reviews all things Trader Joe’s.

I choose a Sugar Donut most often and the runner-up will always be any HOT Donut.

Chocolate Bar Brownies (above) and the RECIPE.

A Chocolate Keyboard — To eat or to write, that is the question.

 Rock Candy made with Brown Sugar.

Instant personality with a marker!  Funny Eggs — I want to replicate ’em.

Smile inside and out — Grateful for Bacon & Eggs on a t-shirt or rock in Carlsbad.

Brown Sugar Lil’ Smokies wrapped in Bacon — The RECIPE is here.

Which Sugar/Azucar doesn’t belong?  Do you remember that from Sesame Street?

A Giant Hostess Cupcake Cake and Step-by-Step RECIPE.

Chocolate Fountains — What a sight and site it came from.  Where’s the Strawberries?

I want to dine here with friends and Wine.  It’s so beautiful — Photo Credit.

Bread in many forms is mostly brown.

This cow wants to know what you’re looking at — How now brown cow.