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A Day In Malibu With Much To Do, See And Eat (Again Please).

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Malibu 013

Perhaps the best Blackened Catfish we’ve had is at the Reel Inn in Malibu off PCH.

Malibu 027

We took a drive along the coast and love where we landed (all day long).

Malibu 005

We’d go back to the Reel Inn for the very same thing and more after I study the menu.

Malibu 018

I wanted to buy the Cajun Spice but they don’t sell it and wouldn’t tell what’s in it.

Malibu 017

It’s a Fish Market and Restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.

Malibu 012

Pictured above is Spuddy Freis aka Mr. Potato Freis who traveled with us — We’re dorks.

Malibu 031

View across the street from the Reel Inn (above).

Malibu 038

On the way to Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, near Malibu.

Malibu 039

Still on PCH heading towards Mr. Magoo or something phonetically like it. 😉

Malibu 037

What a find — It’s the Old Place (below) and we’re so glad we peeked inside.

Malibu 041

It’s a (circa) 50 year old BAR in a 100 year old building with cool people inside.

Malibu 042

We appreciated the smiling guy singing with a guitar and genuinely friendly patrons.

Malibu 046

Cheers with a non-fancy Wine glass — We’re told to try the Steamed Clams next time.

Malibu 051

Loved the Old Place — It’s stylish all around it with unique shopping and Wine Tasting too.

Malibu 055

Finally made it to Paramount Ranch on a mostly overcast day, but all was historically beautiful.

Malibu 059

Paramount Ranch — It’s where many old westerns were filmed and a fun place to explore.  You’re free to roam around and play outside the Saloon, Barber Shop, Sheriff’s Office and other structures — We cracked up making short, funny videos that we’re still laughing at.

Malibu 015A

Back to the Fish in Malibu (hopefully someday) and more of everything this day, please.

Valentine’s Day Ideas: How To Make A Heart Shaped Egg.

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Funny Food 48

This Heart Shaped Egg is on our test list — Do you think it works?  More ideas are here too.