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Homemade Cream Of (Leftover Celery) Soup.


Since I had a bunch of washed, fresh cut/peeled Celery leftover from a Vegetable Platter, I made this impromptu Cream of Celery Soup.  Homemade is way better than any canned version.  Sorry there’s no measurements here, but YOU CAN DO IT — Be generous with the Onion, Herb and Garlic for optimum taste.

Sauté chopped Onion and Celery with S & P in Olive Oil until almost caramelized, then add minced Garlic, fresh Thyme Leaves and cook a couple minutes longer.  Add enough Chicken Stock/Broth to cover all ingredients and simmer for about 15 minutes.  Remove from heat, cool and purée in a blender. 

Return the puréed mixture to a saucepan, reheat and add a little Cream, not much, none is really needed if that’s preferred.  And to nicely combine the flavors, add fresh Lemon Juice and S & P to taste at the end.  It’s a quick, easy, much better than canned copycat Cream of Celery Soup if in need, or due to an abundance of Celery.

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