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Whole Foods Market In Newport Beach: Luxurious And Accommodating.

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Whole Foods Market in Newport Beach — A fresh, colorful place perfectly set to test out a new (much needed) camera, and it appears Nibbles of Tidbits’ photos are looking up.

I’m grateful for the camera, and the $100 Gift Card from Whole Foods Market to tell you about their Newport Beach location — A piece of Cake, as I would’ve written about it anyway.

I love Whole Food Market, especially at Fashion Island where the service and selection is tops.

Interesting samples are set-up throughout the store and I finally tried Dragon Fruit.

Its texture and flavor is comparable to a Kiwi with less flavor.

And I love Passion Fruit (above), but it’s trippy looking inside — Scary or is it just me?

Amongst the paradise of food is Whole Fresh Fish, sometimes difficult to find.

How about Sea Urchin?  It was cool to see Fresh Abalone, but Shrimp was on the menu today.

This store is like a Newport Beach city hosting two Bars to re-group with a drink.

Happy staff was available at every turn to answer questions and/or offer a helping hand.

If there’s something you’d like to try, ask and they’ll open it for you.  They offered to do so.

Entrance to Whole Foods Market’s Back Bay Tavern — Why not park your cart for a quick one?

Cart with high quality food (above) on its way to become a meal requested by Sweetie Freis.

My Mom and I enjoyed the shopping experience with a Glass of Wine in between.

And the tram ride to our car with heavy groceries was welcomed — Thankful for that too!

See what’s on the MENU (above).  It’s different than what I would’ve picked, which made all more motivating to prepare.  It’s what’s asked for, thus it’s what will be!  Check back to see how all turned out.  Overall it went well, except for one thing — We’ll post about it soon.

Thanks Whole Foods Market Newport Beach — I’ll be back, voluntarily.

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