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Have You Seen That Hilarious Commercial?

September 13th, 2008 4 comments

I usually don’t advertise advertisements, especially for fast food, but the new Jack in the Box commercial makes me laugh.  It’s the one with the two grown men in a twins baby stroller crying — It’s TOO funny!  Since it was on TiVo we played it several times.  Anyway, now I’m brain washed to try their new product – HA.  Good one J in the B. 

It’s usually not my preferred fast food joint — I might get a Taco from there every five years or so.  The commercial is for their Pita Sandwiches with Chipotle Sauce (aka Pita Snacks).  I tried their Fish Pita Sandwich.  Chipotle anything gets me every time. 

Overall, the Sauce flavor was good, but the Sandwich wasn’t.  It’s basically a Fish Stick hosted in a Pita that’s too chewy and thick for its contents, but I did get it out of my system (no mas) and I can still laugh at the commercial.

While requesting the Pita Sandwich, I saw something unique on the menu, Fried Cheesy Macaroni Bites, which reminded me of something at the Fair.  I had to try them too.  And I have to admit that I kind of liked them.  I couldn’t eat more than 3, since they’re greasy, but good.  And they do have Macaroni and Cheese inside.  I was glad I tried them, since they made up for the other.

Sandwich Proposals:  Serve on Flat Bread, use two pieces of Fish or a larger portion, add more fresh Lettuce and Chipotle Sauce.  Good luck.

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