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Three Dog Bakery in Lake Arrowhead Village.

September 25th, 2008 5 comments

It’s already Octoberfest at Lake Arrowhead Village — Now and every weekend starting at noon through all of October.  And there’s no admission fee.  We were at the family cabin (nearby) last weekend with a couple Dogs, Holly and Maggie, respectively below. 

Since we cooked up a storm for ourselves, we picked up a few treats from the Three Dog Bakery for the pets.  Dogs are always popular in Lake Arrowhead Village, but you can’t bring them inside the roped Octoberfest/Band Area — You should know that if you’re a pet owner who also wants to party, because you can’t bring your Beer outside the ropes.

And we always bring Peanuts for the Blue Jays.  We just put a bunch on the cabin deck and they fly right in to get them.  It’s pretty cool.  They’re so beautiful too.

And here’s the Dogs playing in the cabin.  They were tugging over a stuffed Gorilla until we gave them the treats from the Three Dog Bakery.  I should also mention that there’s a Three Dog Bakery in Newport Beach too, since that’s where I live — Not at the Barkery, near Newport. 🙂



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