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Santa Anita Race Track, Winnings, Hot Dogs, Beers & Fun.

March 20th, 2010 1 comment

Beer & Hot Dogs

It’s still St. Patrick’s Day at Santa Anita Race Track, which was a good thing for us today.  We saved a lot of money on Beer and Hot Dogs and went home with a little more money than we came with — That’s a good thing!  It was a beautiful, thirst quenching day.

Santa Anita Race Track

The big money was won on a 55/1 (odds) to Place — Too bad we didn’t go all the way with the Win.  Nevertheless, we had a magnificent time at Santa Anita.  It’s an entertaining way to spend the day.  The horses are only running live at Santa Anita Race Track until April 18, 2010.

Condiments at the TrackSanta AnitaMisc. 03-20-10 016Start the Race

Other media was broadcasting from the track and another race was getting ready to start, as we headed for six Beers for the price of one.  FYI:  There’s FREE Admission and more $1 specials every Friday.