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Phony Food To Go With Our Favorite Twilight Zone Episode.

March 27th, 2010 2 comments

Veggie Platter -- Does it look real?

Would you believe ALL the food pictured in this post is fake?  It’s true — It’s all phony baloney!  Some of it looks close to real and some obviously counterfeit.  Nonetheless, it’s the best forged food we’ve seen.  It goes well with our favorite Twilight Zone episode titled a Stopover In A Quiet Town.  In it a couple wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings (a doll house) after a night of  partying.  They then discover that everything in the house and town is a prop and that they’re now living dolls for larger people on a different planet.  These party platters would be served there.

Fake Appetizer Platter

Solid Meatballs & Undipable Sauce

Phony Meat Platter

Fake Meat & Cheese Platter

Don't eat this Deviled Egg Platter!

Fake Spinach Dip and real flowers, not.

Phony Croissant Sandwiches and Olives

Obviously fake looking Sandwiches.

Buffalo Wings aren't real anyway!

Phony Fixins

All photos were taken at The HoneyBaked Ham Company in Corona Del Mar.

11/09/11 Update:  The Corona Del Mar location is now closed.