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How To Use A Pack Of Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

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Octopus Hot Dogs

As far as packaged Hot Dogs go, Hebrew National is our current favorite.¬† We recently bought a pack and made some funny dogs. ūüôā¬†Above Octopus Hot Dogs¬†dodge a wave of Chili and Mustard —¬†They’re crispy, tasty and cute,¬†and¬†should technically be in the Chili/Mustard water instead of¬†the invisible sand, ha.¬† And below (l-r) we made a Chili Cheese Dog, a Deluxe Dog (Mustard, Tomatoes, Dill Relish & Onion), a Francheesey (inspired by Katella Deli’s menu), and a Kraut and Mustard Dog.

Chili Cheese DogDeluxe Dog (Tomatoes, Dill Pickle Relish, Onions & Mustard)Francheesy (Katella Deli)Kraut & Mustard Dog

And mustn’t forget the Mummy Dogs below, made from Bread Dough that’s stretched and rolled around each Hot Dog like a Mummy, then baked in the oven.¬†¬†Hebrew National Hot Dogs¬†are always good well done and kids especially love to eat ’em in the form of an¬†Octopus or Mummy.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Hebrew National reports to have no fillers or by-products, nor artificial colors or flavors, and are made with premium cuts of Kosher Beef.¬† We’ve enjoyed them for years and provide fun ways of doing so above.