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Zinc Cafe We’ll Be Back & CoCo’s We Appreciate The Idea, But…

April 20th, 2010 1 comment

Brie Appetizer at CoCo's

Funny story… A friend and I were walking around Corona Del Mar hungry one day.  First we learned all the restaurants we wanted to eat at didn’t open until 5PM, then remembered Zinc Cafe & Market.  We’d heard a lot of remarkable things about it, but still hadn’t been there.  Finally made it there and enjoyed looking at all the fabulous stuff — Cheese, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Pastries and Market Items galore!  We were paralyzed with indecision and also learned one must order food at the register, while staking out a coveted table at the same time.  All will be fine for another visit and the proprietors seemed friendly too, but we wanted to kick it and be served at the time.  Thus the story continues…

Fried Green Beans

After another 5 or 6 block walk, we ended up at CoCo’s for ease, nourishment and familiarity.  And it was interesting to learn that CoCo’s Restaurant & Bakery is currently offering a Wine & Appetizer Selections Menu.  We were impressed with the progressive offerings and opted to try the Brie Appetizer Platter (one small Brie wedge served warm crusted with Macadamia Nuts and another topped with a Jalapeno Raspberry Sauce) and the Crispy Green Bean Sticks.   All sounded fun and good, but yuck — Sorry. 

The Macadamia Nut Brie was okay (mostly tasteless), and the other microscopic sized Brie wedge was stone cold, seemingly direct from the fridge with the flavor to prove it.  The Grapes didn’t look good and the Bread was sparse.  The Green Beans were tolerable, but better re-heated in my toaster oven until extra crispy, with real Ranch Dressing, instead of the lumpy version we were served at CoCo’s.  We laughed thinking about the quality Cheese and Bread we could’ve been enjoying at Zinc Cafe. 🙂