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Arrived At The Second Annual Blogger Festival: Ready To Party.

November 5th, 2010 1 comment

Not much time for words right now — Have a lot to report about the flight, but will do so later.

Sat in the very last row of the small plane.

Checking in at the Foodbuzz table. ūüôā

Just got to the Sir Francis Drake.

View from my room.


Thanks for the swag!¬† I already ate the 479¬į Black Truffle + White Cheddar Popcorn.¬† YUM!

Ready to start blogging, but it’s time to head to the Welcome Reception to meet everyone.

Foodbuzz Second Annual Food Bloggers Festival In San Francisco.

November 5th, 2010 No comments

I’m heading to the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival¬†in San Francisco this weekend.¬† The experience will be completely new to me, as I’ve never been around a bunch of Food Bloggers —¬†I’m gonna trip out on¬†everyone taking photos of the food at the same time.¬† I think I might be more interested in photographing them photographing the food.¬† It’s a curious thing to me for some reason.¬† The food will surely be covered, thus posting the same here might¬†be redundant.¬† We’ll see how it all goes down.¬† The¬†plan is to¬†write several short posts throughout the weekend if technically able.¬† Pictured above¬†is of the “Foodie Gift” I’ve been asked to bring to the Welcome Reception¬†Friday night at Fort Mason Center.¬† It’s¬†in my suitcase getting ready to fly to SFO and¬† its contents sum up Nibbles of Tidbits.¬† More to be reported about that and the rest of the festivities later.