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Beautiful Summer Dahlias in Costa Mesa.

August 16th, 2008 No comments

Some flowers are edible, but these aren’t.  This post is for the locals, but you can certainly enjoy the pictures.  If you’re nearby it’s a fun find.  Dahlias can be fresh cut from our Costa Mesa neighbor’s backyard from June to September.

Just point to the one you want and Mr. or Mrs. Banks will cut it for you.  They’re located at 1589 Riverside Place in Costa Mesa, California 92627 – (949) 642-8107.  The Dahlia prices range from $3.00 – $8.00 each.  If there’s a ‘Dahlias Today’ sign out front, feel free to walk back to see the beautiful flowers.  They’re gorgeous.

food-show-flowers-yard-house-061.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-062.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-063.JPG

food-show-flowers-yard-house-069.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-075.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-076.JPG

food-show-flowers-yard-house-068.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-066.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-064.JPG