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Egg Flower Minced Pork Soup. Hochiak!

August 30th, 2008 3 comments

I stumbled onto this blog and learned that its writer was running a contest.  What fun!  He’s offering a $100 prize too.  Who can’t use that these days?  The challenge is to make one of his recipes and post about it on your blog — Then votes will be collected on his blog.  PLEASE vote for me, Entry #17. 🙂

Thanks for the cool challenge.  I decided to make the Egg Flower Minced Pork Soup, because it has very few ingredients and I’ve never added a minced (ground) meat to a Soup before.  I’ve been excited to make it all week, but finally got the chance up against the Malaysian timezone.  Good thing I picked a relatively easy recipe.

Yum!  It was better than expected.  I did it.  I put the Onions in first, then lowered the temperature to a simmer and added the Pork, Eggs and Green Onions.  It was pretty flavorful.  I will definitely make it again.  Thank you Delicious Asian Food.

PLEASE VOTE for ME – Entry #17 directly below.  Voting is open until 09/09/08 (Malaysian Time). 

UPDATE: The Contest is over.  I unfortunately didn’t win, but had fun competing.  THANK YOU to those who voted for me.  I appreciate it.

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