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Can I PLEASE Tie This Amazing Song Into Food?

February 4th, 2009 2 comments

food-show-flowers-yard-house-005I have to share this song.  I’ve thrown in a food photo — Is that enough to tie this magnificent song into a food blog?  I’m eating right/write now and playing it.  Music is the best addition to food, isn’t it?  This song has been part of my YouTube Favorites for some time.  It is LIVE’s piano version of They Stood Up For Love.  It’s uplifting and hits me each time I hear it.  I’m feeding my soul.  That’s it!  There’s the tie in — I’m feeding my soul right now with music.  Feed yours too.

Update 07/09/10: Nibbles of Tidbits can now add video, thus post this favorite song below for easy access.  We never get tired of it and LOVE Live.

Ya Got Any Gum? Norm As David Wants To Know.

February 3rd, 2009 No comments

misc-003I walked into the office the other day and thought someone had brought in the makings for a Mojito. Wishful thinking I guess.  It smelled like fresh cut Mint, so I asked, “Where’s the Mint?”  Instead it was this Gum.  A co-worker was chewing it.  This Trident Passionberry Twist doesn’t have your typical Mint Gum scent, but one of the live Herb.  I’m not much of a Gum chewer, but had to try a piece.  The Mint scent was a little stronger than the flavor, but I secondly appreciated the Passion Fruit flavor.  It’s GOOD Gum – HA. 

The post title was inspired by an old SNL sketch that used to crack me up.  It’s so dumb that it’s funny.  Below is a very short excerpt of it:  

Parkers’ Lighthouse Garlic Cheese Bread (Copycat) Recipe.

February 2nd, 2009 1 comment


Have you tried the Garlic Cheese Bread at Parkers’ Lighthouse yet?  If you have and love it like I do, here’s a copycat recipe.  Parkers’ Lighthouse is a Waterfront Seafood Restaurant in Long Beach, across the Harbor from The Queen Mary.  Once upon a time I worked there as a waitress while in college (CSULB).  Everyone loved their famous Garlic Cheese Bread and it appears they still do.  With a little help from a former co-worker, I provide this simple recipe that (to me) tastes like Parkers’ Garlic Cheese Bread.  It’s a unique combination that contains no Butter, but it works.  Since I no longer live in Long Beach, this recipe occasionally comes in handy for a nostalgic fix.  What’s pictured here was cooked in the toaster oven, but the Garlic Cheese Bread is terrific broiled in the oven.

misc-004 misc-0081 misc-0091

Parkers’ Lighthouse Garlic Cheese Bread (Copycat) Recipe

-Bread (French or Sour Dough Roll, cut in half lengthwise)
-Parmesan Cheese (Fresh Grated, a generous ratio to Mayo)
-Garlic Powder (A generous amount to taste)

Mix all ingredients together and spread liberally on long split rolls.  Broil in the oven until light – golden brown.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Bread.  It doesn’t take long.  I’ve burned way too many pieces in my life, HA.

FYI:  The same Cheese combination and Spinach is used to make Parkers’ Oysters Rockefeller, one of my favorite appetizers there.  If you’re adventurous, give them a try too.  They’re also broiled until golden brown, then served on a bed of Rock Salt.  Enjoy!

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I Won — Not The DMBLGIT Contest, But I Won…

February 1st, 2009 No comments

Although I didn’t win January’s Does My Blog Look Good In This (DMBLGIT) food photography contest, I just won $100 in a Super Bowl Pool.  YEAH!  I’ll consider it a nice consolation, but do check out last month’s winners HERE: