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Domino’s Grand Re-Opening FREE Pizza Slice.

April 4th, 2009 No comments


There was a lot of fanfare today and FREE Slices of Pizza at the new Domino’s Pizza location on 17th Street in Costa Mesa — They moved across and down the street and today they were giving away Free Pizza Slices between 11AM and 1PM.  I tried the Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch, one of Domino’s American Legend Pizzas.  Loved the Bacon, but my slice didn’t come with Chicken.  It was still good and with a little more Sauce I’d have it delivered.


To celebrate their Grand Re-Opening, Domino’s Pizza also had a couple Laker Girls signing stuff and employees were waving from every corner for two blocks.  You couldn’t miss the hoopla if you were driving by, so hopefully you stopped and got your Free Slice of Pizza.

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Roman Cucina In & Around Orange County.

April 3rd, 2009 No comments


Here we visited the Roman Cucina Restaurant in Costa Mesa.  They are also in Sunset Beach, Laguna Hills and Fullerton.  The service is good and I like the decor, especially the chandeliers at Costa Mesa’s Roman Cucina off Newport Blvd.  This night we had the Shrimp Scampi with Penne (above), and the Pasta Rosa with Chicken Milanese (below), which needs an extra side of Sauce for the Chicken — Once received we were happier.


And we had the “Ala Checca” with Spaghetti, Olive Oil, Garlic, Roma Tomatoes and Basil.  All dishes were served with really good Bread and a Salad — They’ve got a tasty House Italian Dressing too.  This location has indoor and outdoor seating and a fabulous, hip and comfortable atmosphere.


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Häagen Dazs Oh My Gosh — High Five On FIVE.

April 2nd, 2009 1 comment


WOW, this Ice Cream deserves a tablecloth and I sure wish I had a black one for these photos.  In any event, we love the densely creamy texture and bold flavors of Häagen Dazs New FIVE Ice Cream.  Nibbles of Tidbits conducted a Taste Test of 6 flavors – Pictured above from (L-R) are Ginger, Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate, and Mint Ice Cream.


Häagen Dazs FIVE comes in 7 flavors — Passion Fruit wasn’t included in the Taste Test with the others, because I couldn’t stop eating it in the days leading up.  OMGosh, I’m in love!  It’s luxuriously creamy and the Passion Fruit taste is intense and exact.  I’ve got to have it again.


After the Taste Test, I asked our six tasters what one flavor each would pick and the tally is as follows:  Ginger (1), Vanilla Bean (1), Brown Sugar (3), Mint (2), and my favorite was the Passion Fruit (obviously), and the Brown Sugar in this Taste Test.

Milk Chocolate reminds me of the Best Fudgesicle I had as a kid, and the Brown Sugar tastes like a Werther’s Original (Toffee Candy) with notes of Black Licorice — It’s an interesting punch of flavor.  And the Ginger was a fun surprise, it’s spot on and enjoyable.  FIVE is an excellent Ice Cream and I was happy to try them ALL.

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We Liked Carl’s New Kentucky Bourbon Burger.

April 1st, 2009 3 comments


Four of us recently shared one of Carl’s Jr.’s New Kentucky Bourbon Burgers and the consensus is that it’s pretty good.  We all liked it.  One said the Bourbon Sauce might be too sweet for him, but the rest of us thought it complemented the Burger nicely.  We especially like the Crispy Onion Straws, Pepper Jack Cheese and Bacon.  All together it’s a really good combination.  Pictured here is the Six Dollar Burger option — Apparently it comes in three sizes, a Single, Double, or Six Dollar Burger variation.


Carl’s did a good job on this menu item and the restaurant (Irvine Center Drive) did a good job preparing this Burger.  My main hope for all fast food restaurants is to maintain the consistency of respectable products.  All should look as heavily advertised, except for the dripping Sauce — I’m not a fan of that.

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