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Veracruz Mexican Restaurant & Related Family History In Denmark.

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Before opening up the first Mexican food restaurant in Denmark, my Uncle Bobby learned how to cook in the small kitchen of this restaurant, Veracruz Mexican Restaurant in Downey, California.  He was taught there by a guy named Rafael about 50 years back and now has several franchise Mexican food restaurants throughout Denmark.  They’re named Tortilla Flats, if you get over there.  After so many years there’s obviously a whole new crew and owners at Veracruz Mexican Restaurant, but the place still serves good food.  We’ve visited occasionally over the years and all is generally satisfying — Here’s what we ate this time…

From top to bottom, a Bean & Cheese Burrito, always with Enchilada Sauce, a Chicken Taco with Beans and Rice, a Chili Rellano with Beans and Rice, and a large Bean Tostada.

We also like the prices and portion sizes at Veracruz Mexican Restaurant. 

When my Uncle Bobby is in town, he’ll pop in for old time’s sake, but his recipes are different.

I love a hole in the wall with the aroma of good Mexican food.

The entrance is in the back, off the street, and don’t hit any cars in the tight parking lot.