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Another Food Related Competition at the Fair.

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It’s the Farm and Garden Competition at the Orange County Fair.  The biggest and best of Fruits and Vegetables, miraculous food from the earth.  Thank you God.

oc-fair-2008-045.JPG     oc-fair-2008-062.JPG     oc-fair-2008-048.JPG

Grapefruit, Grapes, Carrots, Chili Peppers, Lemons and Zucchini.

oc-fair-2008-057.JPG     oc-fair-2008-046.JPG    oc-fair-2008-053.JPG

Plums, the largest Pumpkin and Avocados.

oc-fair-2008-055.JPG     oc-fair-2008-064.JPG     oc-fair-2008-050.JPG

The largest Zucchini, Onions and Nectarines.

oc-fair-2008-054.JPG     oc-fair-2008-059.JPG     oc-fair-2008-060.JPG

Pumpkins, Beans and Cucumbers, plus more that’s not pictured.

oc-fair-2008-063.JPG     oc-fair-2008-049.JPG     oc-fair-2008-047.JPG

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