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Costa Mesa’s $3 Cupcake Comparison.

July 28th, 2008 3 comments


Since several Cupcake Bakeries have popped up around town, I decided to conduct a taste comparison of the 3 closest to me — Dolcissiomo, Suzie Cakes and Mrs. Beasley.  I tried a small variety from each. 

(1)  Dolcissiomo Cupcakes were my overall favorite.  I’ve tried almost all the Cupcakes there.  They offer a lot of great flavors and look aesthetically best.

Lemon Blueberry

bread-romain-etc-005.JPG    bread-romain-etc-006.JPG    bread-romain-etc-007.JPG

Orange Dreamsicle & Coconut Snowball

el-chinaco-bread-cupcakes-etc-012.JPG    el-chinaco-bread-cupcakes-etc-014.JPG     el-chinaco-bread-cupcakes-etc-013.JPG

Tiramisu & Lemonade

cupcakes-monkey-bread-013.JPG    cupcakes-monkey-bread-015.JPG     cupcakes-monkey-bread-017.JPG

(2)  Suzie Cakes Cupcakes were very moist and appeared to have a filling, at least the two I tried did.  You can see it in the pictures.

Lemon and Vanilla

islands-bread-etc-015.JPG    islands-bread-etc-019.JPG     islands-bread-etc-018.JPG

(3)  Mrs. Beasley’s Cupcakes have the most frosting by far, so if you’re into that, they’re definitely the Cupcakes for you.

Orange and Mini Blueberry

cupcakes-chipotle-008.JPG     cupcakes-chipotle-006.JPG

cupcakes-chipotle-009.JPG     cupcakes-chipotle-011.JPG    cupcakes-chipotle-012.JPG

The Grand Prize flavor winner was Dolcissiomo’s Orange Dreamsicle.  It may be the best Orange flavored Cake I’ve ever had.  I’m trying to confirm that opinion, but it’s only sold on Tuesdays.  I’ll report about more locations as I try them.

(POST UPDATE 08/20/08: It appears that Dolcissimo Cupcakes just moved or closed. This post will be further updated when that information is known)

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