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I’m Sneaking This In.

July 21st, 2008 No comments

Since I’ve been writing about the OC Fair, I have to show the animals.  We won’t talk about this blog and its relation to some of them.  Let’s just admire the animals for their uniqueness and creation.

oc-fair-2008-024.JPG     oc-fair-2008-034.JPG     oc-fair-2008-032.JPG

oc-fair-2008-097.JPG     oc-fair-2008-104.JPG    oc-fair-2008-101.JPG

oc-fair-2008-185.JPG     oc-fair-2008-190.JPG     oc-fair-2008-180.JPG

oc-fair-ii-013.JPG     oc-fair-ii-043.JPG     oc-fair-ii-017.JPG

Centennial Farm has animals year round.  After the Fair moves to the next town, you can still see some of them.

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