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A Pulled Pork Sandwich and Cheese Carving at the Fair.

July 30th, 2008 1 comment

A Pulled Pork Sandwich and Cole Slaw, which may be my last meal this year at the Orange County Fair.  Sadly it’s only open 4 more days, but I could possibly squeeze in one more visit.

Since 2008’s theme relates to Cheese, as in “Say Cheese” and the kind you eat, they’re carving up a large block for the entertainment.  It was cool to see, but it also kind of grossed me out, because it had that shiny room temperature look about it.

I was going to try the Fried Spam or Fried Avocado, even though they didn’t sound good, but all had already been fried and were just sitting in the window.  It wasn’t appealing.  If I’m willing to try it I want it made fresh.

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