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Successful Banana Cake Experiments.

October 15th, 2008 3 comments

Since I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand to make Banana Bread, I made improvised Banana Cakes.  The experiments started with a White Cake Mix, 3 large extra ripe Bananas and a box of Vanilla Pudding Mix. 

I mashed the Bananas, then added in the Cake Mix and Pudding Mix.  And I prepared as instructed on the Cake Box, less 1/4 Cup liquid.  The Cake Mix I used called for 3 Eggs, 1/3 Cup of Oil, and 1 1/4 Cup of Water – I added only 1 Cup of Water and used Walnut Oil.

For a second experiment I poured most of the batter into a baking tin for the oven, and the rest into a small glass bowl for the toaster oven.  I cooked both Cakes 5 minutes longer than directed on the Cake Box. 

And happily both Cakes turned out really good — Moist and Banana-Bready.  I mixed Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Extract and Milk to make a Glaze that’s seen on both Cakes. 

These experiments were born from over ripe Bananas with no flour on hand — And since there was an excess of batter, why not make a baby Cake too?!  Plus I’d never made a Cake in the toaster oven before, so I wanted to try it.  I had the larger Cake as a back up if it didn’t go well.  

Overall, I would make and enjoy the very same again.  The flavor and texture were agreeable and it was fun to have a “tasting” Cake.  Others really liked it too.

UPDATE (12/14/08):  Subsequent Toaster Oven cooking (experimentation) has revealed it’s necessary to add 5-15 minutes to the cooking time of a Cake, Bread or Custard.

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