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OC Foodie Fest: Gourmet Food Truck Food Rolling Into Town.

August 30th, 2011 1 comment

It seems the number of Gourmet Food Trucks has grown exponentially and several were at the OC Foodie Fest — Previously noted, we were lucky enough to taste and judge many of them.

The Savory Judges consisted of me, the Pig, the guys from Food Beast and Ryan of Foodoofus.

Various media sources were photographing all.

As you can see, we were pretty busy eating.

It was a little tricky keeping track of all the food coming our way, but we managed.

And completed our score forms after each new Slider, Taco, Pizza, Hot Dog, Sandwich, etc.

Eating and scoring — Separate Judges were assigned to the Desserts.

You see it, we ate it.

One favorite was the Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Gazpacho from The Lime Truck.

We were excited to finally try The Lime Truck and it delivered.  As many know they’re currently one of the top contenders on The Great Food Truck Race.  They put forth a lot of personality and impressive food.  Didn’t make it to the Skyy Vodka VIP Lounge — Too busy eating, judging and drinking a lot of water.  It was a hot Summer day at Angel Stadium.

Tables filled with hand delivered food described by proud Gourmet Food Trucks.

Kind Bars happened to have a booth at the event — Yeah they’re a fave!

Its representatives were cute and kind too.

Didn’t try their food, but liked the back of the Flavor Rush Truck.

We enjoyed the OC Foodie Fest at Angel Stadium though wish the trucks were on the field.

Last year it was held at the Honda Center — Read about it here.

Swing down next year.